Food Security, Livelihood and Social Cohesion

Food Security, Livelihood and Social Cohesion (FSLSC) is another sector in which SHED has been contributing towards transformation of life, livelihood and social bonding of resource poor of Cox’s Bazar district for last two and a half decades. SHED’s management and senior staff members are familiar with the social, cultural and geographical and economical condition of Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong region and its surrounding area as some of them are local inhabitant and some are working in this region for many years. This knowledge based advantage of SHED is a key privilege in effective and efficient implementation of FSLSC related projects since such type of projects require in depth local knowledge of livelihood, culture of project beneficiaries and their bio-physical environment.

In its 31 years’ service towards the under privileged and resource poor of Cox’s Bazar, SHED has successfully implemented 15 FSLSC related projects in partnership with different ministries, International NGOs and UN agencies.