Ongoing Project Summary


Name of the Project/Activities

   District     Upozila
01 Livelihood Development of Forest development Communities in and around Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary (LDFC-CWS) Project (Phase 2)  

CoxsBazar and Chittagong


Chakria, Lohagara and Banskhali

02 Inani Protected Forest Area Co-Management Project.

US Govt. through Arannayak Foundation.



03 Improving Maternal and Child Nutrition Program (IMCN)   CoxsBazar    Ukhiya and Teknaf
04 Enhancing Food Security  (EFS) Project   CoxsBazar   Ukhiya and Teknaf
05 Blanket Supplementary Feeding Program (BSFP) Kutupalong   CoxsBazar    Ukhiya
06 Blanket Supplementary Feeding Program (BSFP) Leda   CoxsBazar   Teknaf
07 Enhance Resilience Program   CoxsBazar   Teknaf
08 Community Based Management of Acute Malnutrition    CoxsBazar   Ukhiya and Teknaf
09 Water, Sanitation and  Hygiene (WASH)   CoxsBazar    Ukhiya and Teknaf
10 OptiDiag Project   CoxsBazar   Ukhiya
11 Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Program funded by Department of Women Affairs (DWA)   CoxsBazar and Chittagong   Teknaf, Chakaria, Lohagara and Banskhali
12 WASH Project  CoxsBazar    Ukhiya and Teknaf
13 Community Engagement in Countering Violent Extremism in CoxsBazar (CEVEC)   CoxsBazar    Ukhiya and Teknaf
14 Nutrition Interventions for under 5 Children and pregnant and Lactating Women (PLW) in CoxsBazar    CoxsBazar    Ukhiya and Teknaf
15 Improving the quality of life for persons with disabilities  and their families in Refugee camps and surrounding Communities   CoxsBazar    Ukhiya and Teknaf


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