Vision and Mission Statement

The organization Vision:

Oppression frees society that ensures and provides equitable scope and opportunities to all classes of people to meet the bare necessities of life.

The organization mission:

Enhance capacity building of the service providers and community people by providing need based support, technical assistance and oversights in order to effect positive change in the society through utilization and mobilization of local resources and community participation, directing towards a sustainable development where people can enjoy equitable development opportunities and services for leading a minimum standard of life.

Goal and Objectives

The organization goal: Strengthening, supplementing and complementing the effort and initiatives of the GOB in providing and managing high quality sustainable development program, with emphasis to integrated development, health, MCH-FP, poverty alleviation, education and human rights, policy advocacy related services at implementation and policy level.

The organization objectives:

  • Mobilize and organizes the disadvantaged people through information, education, awareness and consciousness raising about their status allowing them participate in various development programs to improve their lot.
  • Provides and organizes need based and planned training/orientation/workshop on a wide range of development for services community leaders and relevant other stakeholders
  • Plays the role of mediating, counseling and educating the donor, government and other relevant stakeholders for bringing positive change in development strategy and policy.
  • Provides technical assistance for capacity building, volunteerism and sustainable development to all stakeholders.
  • Takes initiatives for development of a strong network among different organizations/ network for sharing ideas, experience and views on all sustainable health and development sector for maximum utilization of resources and avoiding duplication of services.
  • Provides assistance to functional and non- functional child education, health, nutrition, sanitation, credit, legal aid, income generation and employment skill development training program for improving the quality of life of the undeserved and deprived section of the population.
  • Promotes and exchanges of information, ideas, views, facilities and expertise between and among development organization, activities and institution.

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