Development Strategies of Organization:

SHED believes that utilizing and mobilizing local resources should of the people, by the people and for the people, supplement the development by external resources ensuring active participation of all classes of people in the society. So, the development and strategic issues of SHED has been confined to the followings.

  • Facilitating and promoting peoples participation in needs assessment, development community planning and control local resource.
  • Promoting and emphasizing local voluntarism for sustainable community developments.
  • Encouraging and developing local leadership through participatory approach.
  • Technology transfer for institution building.
  • Communication support services for keeping community people and community based organizations with latest information related to all stages of development.
  • Supplementing and complementing government development initiatives.
  • Organizational and institutional capacity building.
  • Health and Nutrition promotion.
  • Disaster Preparedness for Effective Emergency Response
  • Training and Human Resource development
  • Ensuring drinking water supply through innovative technologies
  • Livelihood and food security Development

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