Working Approach & Decision Making Process

Working approach

The working approach of organization is most participatory both at office and field level while implementing a project. Every morning senior staffs sits with Executive Director for 15 minutes to share each others program so any to coordinate their work where it is possible or to provide assistance as and when needed. The concerned staffs are given proper orientation about the work to be done with in the time limit and approach and procedures how to work to be accomplished involving the appropriate stakeholders. The staffs are advised not hesitate to inform of any problems by the earliest possible time to the immediate supervisors so as to take necessary corrective measures. On the other hand the respective supervisors provide supporting supervision rather than policing in congenial atmosphere to his subordinate in getting the work done. For not lapse any step of the supervision and monitoring procedure in every tire of staff use a check list of the relevant activities.

It is mentionable the there are always a vice versa cooperation and coordination between inter project staffs both at office and field level. Every tire of staffs has to record the necessary data and to submit periodic project activity report to the authority concerned. Given to the fact that the NGOs are supplementing GOB planed development activities, while implementing the project activities the relevant GOB officials & staffs at all tires are being involved to secure their technical assistance as and when required. On the other hand the other stakeholders like public representatives, local elites and natural leaders are also given proper information and knowledge so as to get necessary assistance  where it is needed and further to avoid any ambiguity about any activities done at field level.

Decision Making Process:

In the organization major decisions are being taken by the Executive Committee and day to day decisions regarding implementation of different projects are taken by management comprises of senior most personnel of the relevant project as well assisted by the experienced senior of other project under the presence/ guidance of Executive Director to make the decision appropriate and participatory.

In case of senior personnel every morning they sit with ED for 15 minutes to share their daily work to do and coordinate each other as and when required for mutual assistance. On the other hand in different tires staff members sit together monthly and as and when required to resolve the problems encountered in the implementation process of the project activities to find out a appropriate corrective measures where every body take part actively.

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