Monitoring &Evaluation systems of Organization:

Monitoring &Evaluation systems of Organization:

This is managed by a group of experienced personnel under the guardians of the Executive Director of SHED with the full technical and advisory support from Executive Committee members who have sufficient knowledge and expertise on integrated development and development program management. The ED of the organization is responsible for successful implementation of all the projects and reportable to the general body through Executive committee of the organization as well as the concerned donor(s). The ED having support from Executive Committee of the organization and getting technical and professional support of all the relevant stakeholders/personnel’s facilitate in chalking out compressive supervision and monitoring plan for all of the monitoring, supervision and monitoring engaged for  the different projects in order to ensure timely execution of all planned activities with the help of all implementation level staff members responsible for individual components of the project as well as the all financial matters.

The respective head of unit/head of division develops monitoring checklist for individual projects for all supervisory level personnel to monitor keep things in track as to achieve the set target along with limitations/problems at implementation related mechanism of respective project. All concerned monitoring and supervisory officials have to submit monitoring report against each of the visit to the competent authority monthly basis. Regular coordination and progress review meetings are held with M& E staffs and action plans are reorganized as per the observation and feed beck.  Alongside of the continuous monitoring by the project staffs activities are being monitored by the organizational monitoring team of which the members come from different projects under implementation of the organization. Such provision gives an opportunity to the project for reorganizing activities as to how to avoid any unwanted deviation.

A two way system is followed to monitor the progress of activities during the implementation of the project. All relevant project staff and specialists have to submit periodical work plan and implementation report to the Concerned PC and the ED. The respective project head are being responsible for monitoring of all activities. The ED of the organization also monitors the program and share information time to time with the donor authority.

A system of internal evaluation as in place by the organization besides the midterm and the end evaluation as set in the Project Proposal of the respective project by the donor which is carried out by the organizational internal experts.

SHED used to follow “Hens & Chicks” approaches in supervision of staff’s activities and in day to day activity follow-up. SHED’s believes in ‘in job training’ provide by supervisor as a great means of performance improvement of sub-ordinate staffs. SHED follows both formal & non formal way of monitoring and Evaluation of a program or project. As formal procedures, SHED used to develop program and project based supervision, monitoring and Evaluation guideline. ‘Logical Frame’ is the main approach SHED use for monitoring and Evaluation. SHED used to discuss agenda based progress of SHED’s ongoing programs and project, progress of a specific program and projects as well as performance of a staff  on the basis different level monitoring (EC committee, Executive Director, Program Director, Project Team leader/ Project Coordinators and Program Managers)  in its monthly management staff meeting, project or program’s monthly planning and evaluation meeting as well as quarterly meeting of Executive Committee (EC) of SHED. SHED also emphasises both formal and informal way of feedback dissemination as performance improvement tool. SHED also emphasises ‘interchange learning’ method through engagement of other project’s staffs in internal monitoring of a program or project. Program/Project heads (TL/PC/PM) are obliged to submit written progress reports (activity and output based) to Executive Director within first 2 working days of next month and have to present it in monthly program or project planning & Evaluation meeting, monthly management staff meeting and quarterly meeting. General Secretary as well as Executive Director of SHED is also obliged to call monthly management staffs meeting within 5 working day of next month.

SHED used to follow ‘qualitative output’ methods in internal evaluation of a program or project as well as performance evaluation of staffs. SHED follows annual appraisal methods for performance evaluation of a staff.

Tools of Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) are mostly used method for periodical (Weekly, fortnightly and monthly) ‘Monitoring and Evaluation’ of a project or program. For periodical monitoring and Evaluation of a program or project, SHED also uses survey by using project’s LFA based semi-structured questionnaire with 5-20% sample size (Depending on the homogenous or heterogeneous population size) for quarterly monitoring and SHED also uses Threats Reduction Assessment (TRA) in internal evaluation of its Inani PFA Co-management project.

SHED also established ‘weekly feedback based monitoring and evaluation by senior project staffs’ as well as monthly ‘formal monitoring by management staffs’ for proper coordinated implementation proposed project. SHED used to develop ‘Monitoring & Evaluation’ guideline as well as Logical frame before inception of the project.

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