Sector wise Competencies and Experiences of Organization:


Area Brief Description
£ Maternal Health Food (Nutrition) distribution, courtyard session, Primary health education, Pre, during & post antenatal care of Mother & baby etc
£ STIs/ HIV& Aids Awareness raising, meeting with Sex worker, session with different HIV & AIDS prone occupational group, Condom distribution through social marketing system, Mass awareness session on HIV/AIDS, etc
£ Family Planning Contraceptive distribution through social marketing system, Post and antenatal health education, child care education, session with family members, session with peers educator, Household Annual Income and expenditure planning, Advocacy with religious leaders etc
£ Gender Based Violence Baseline study, Village & Union level community based GBV prevention forum formation and capacity building, household motivational session, Advocacy with local administration &  elected bodies, networking with GO & NGO etc
£ Gender equality Household motivational session, AIGA for women empowerment, session with rural housewives, session with rural housekeepers, Group formation & capacity building
£ Young People/ Adolescents Awareness motivational session on Drug Abuse, Networking for prevention of SGVB, Session on Risk of Sexually transmitted diseases, Workshop, seminar on Social Justice through youth organization etc
£ Disaster Management Baseline Survey, Social & institutional mapping, contingency planning, CAP for disaster related CBOs, Institution & their capacity building to protect rural people in disaster emergency, Volunteer selection & capacity building in case of disaster emergency, Participatory pre & post disaster planning, Networking and support mechanisms establishment for active involvement of related parties in times of disaster, CHD & AIGA for disaster recovery etc
£ Relief (Acute emergency response) Distribution of dry food, clothes and primary treatment service and medication distribution to disaster affected rural people and cash relief with own resource and mainly from external donors in cyclone of 1991,1994,1996
£ Advocacy Social Justice for disadvantaged poor & hardcore poor, GO-NGO collaboration for sustainable development of rural poor, Establishment of Stakeholders collaboration mechanisms for sustainable management of Forest and Biodiversity resources, Social awareness for HIV/AIDS, Maternal Health, Water & Sanitation etc
£ Capacity Building CHD for rural women, HID for CBOs for mainstreaming in Development initiatives, Technical knowledge for AIGAs/IGAs development of rural poor, Facilitation & accompaniment support for CBOs leaders, Primary health care and maternal care for rural poor, Information dissemination for internal motivation of beneficiaries to participate in development initiatives etc.
£ Community mobilization/ sensitization Use of PRA tools & Surveys for preliminary planning & collection of baseline information, Stakeholders analysis & Community need assessment, Collaboration with GO-NGO in selection of target beneficiaries, Institution building of poor & ultra poor community peoples (fisherman, farmers, forest dependant people, disadvantaged women, Sex workers, youth & peer educators, disaster prone people etc) through involvement of relevant stakeholders
£ Procurement of relief items for emergencies Emergency food, medicine & cloth distribution, primary treatment and IGA support in post disaster recovery of ultra poor community. Worked with OXFAM,DFID, DASCOH, Swiss Red cross mandated organization, RDRS


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