External Relationship


SHED  has the working experience in a partnership approach with the following national and international level Development agencies and different GO Departments and acquired relevant  the experience of working mostly in  the sectors  of Health, Nutrition, Sanitation, Education, Agriculture & Livestock, Disaster management & Emergency response, Forestry Development etc:

  • ICDDR,B,
  • HKI
  • ACTIONAID Bangladesh
  • DASCHO (Swiss Red Cross)
  • MoH& FP
  • MoF Food & Agriculture
  • MoF Fisheries & Livestock
  • MoF Education
  • Department of Coastal Forest
  • FHI
  • FAO
  • UNDP
  • WFP
  • MSF Holland
  • Arannayk Foundation (Bangladesh Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation)


Membership with

The organization is member of the following forum/organizations

  1. Federation of NGOs in Bangladesh since its inception in 2002
  2. b) It became member of Coastal Fisher-folk Community Network (COFCON) since it’s inception in 1999
  3. c) Member of NGO-Forum for drinking water Supply and Sanitation since 1996.
  4. d) Member of Chittagong Southern Development Forum (CSDF) since inception in 2000.
  5. e) Member of NGO Alliance of Chittagong (NAC) since inception in 2000
  6. f) Member of Cox’s Bazaar NGO Alliance (CAN) since inception in 2000

g). Member of Forum for Participatory Education and Development since 2000

  1. Member of Forum for Planned Chittagong since it’s inception in 2001.
  2. Member of ALRD since its inception.
  3. Member of food security cluster cox’s bazar leaded by WFP.

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